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We are excited to do a small part in raising funds for the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation at Big Dog's Summer Beer Fest & Reggae Party.  This great charity's namesake was a great friend to Big Dog's.  Few of us are fortunate enough to meet someone who changes our outlook on life. Patrick Kelley was one of those rare people.  He was a wonderful person - Beautiful in both stature and character. He enjoyed a love of life and lived it to the fullest. Those who knew him were fortunate, for they found a friend who was patient, steadfast and loyal. Everyone gravitated to Patrick for they could feel his unconditional love and support.

In his honor, his friends and family formed the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation and have made its guiding vision the idea that all children & youth should have the opportunities & resources to reach their full potential!   Every penny raised by the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation goes directly to work to benefit youths in our community by providing bicycles for the annual PK Bike Day and the funding for the Foundation's scholarship recipients.  Information on the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation and its work can be found at the website  

Big Dog's is pleased to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the Big Dog's Summer Beer Fest and Reggae Party on Saturday, July 9th will benefit the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation.  Here's how it will works: a $1 from each festival package sold will go directly to the charity.