A Collaboration Beer with Big Dog's and Mandalay Bay's Sarah Johnson


You could really make an argument that there has not been a bigger promoter of craft beer's growth in Las Vegas than Sarah Johnson.

Certified Cicerone, Avid Home Brewer, Director of Food & Beverage at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, and all-around great person, Sarah has been pushing the envelope on craft beer up and down the famous Las Vegas Strip for the past couple of years! Her Mandalay Bay #teambeer approach has brought in more and more great craft breweries from around the world, put on fun beer festivals and events, and hosted incredible beer dinners with some of the best brewers and chefs on the planet!

This past week,Sarah joined our Brewmaster Dave Otto this week to brew a special collaboration beer, a Smoked Bock Lager.   She spent the day at the brewery, participating in every step as they brewed what promises to be a delicious addition to the seasonal lineup. She even got to experience Dave Otto's legendary barbecue on the back dock of the brewery. (Don't pass up an invitation if it ever comes your way. It is incredibly delicious.)

What should the brew be called? While the name has not yet been figured out, we do know what it will NOT be called. Keeping in mind that Dopplebocks are traditionally named with monikers ending in "-ator," the original idea was to brew a Dopplebock with a working title of "Kat-hator" in honor of the canine's general dislike for felines. . This tradition goes back to the monks who originally brewed dopplebocks and named their beer "Salvator," or Savior.

However, it turns out that both Ms. Johnson and Mr. Otto share a mutual love for our feline friends. Plus the brew day - October 29th - was actually National Cat Day!  Needless to say, the name was scraped and the beer that was brewed was changed to to a Smoked Bock instead.   

When the beer is ready to taste, Dave and Sarah will use their well-trained pallets to appropriately name this brew.

The still-to-be-named brew will be ready in mid to late December!

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