Beer Fest Survival Guide

(03/05/2013) Nick Tribulato

Beer Festival Survival Guide 2013

How to get the most out of the event, without letting the Beer get the best of you!

As the springtime warmth arrives in the Vegas valley, so too returns the annual influx of beer festivals, tastings, and events for the beer lover to enjoy! While the opportunity to sample hundreds of beers at one location seems like a no-lose proposition- take these steps to ensure you stay safe, and truly taste all of the different beers you’d like without over-doing it!

Let the Water Flow!

Yes, we’re stating the obvious here- but frequently people forget to remain hydrated in this arid desert climate.  Here’s a tip:  As you visit from one beer station to another, utilize the glass rinsing water jugs, not only to have a clean glass as you receive your next sample, but also as drinking water to remain hydrated.  As various beer styles are at these events, the best way to truly taste the nuances of each individual beer is to make sure you’re starting from scratch with a clean, rinsed glass every time.  By rinsing and drinking water each time you snag your next sample- you’ll keep yourself hydrated and your senses sharp to evaluate the particular flavors within each beer.

Food is your Friend!

Again, common-sense stuff here, but the Big Dog’s Brewing crew always witnesses at least a couple dozen people at every event that simply didn’t prepare for the amount of high-alcohol beer at these festivals.  Definitely have a hearty meal before the event, and don’t be shy about packing a small backpack with pretzels, sandwiches, or other grub to keep you upright. 

When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

As hundreds of different beers are available to sample at these events, don’t feel obligated to drink each and every last drop of a beer that you didn’t particularly enjoy.  By honing in on the styles that you like, and not wasting your sobriety on beer styles that aren’t for you, you’ll be best set to hunt down your favorites throughout the festival grounds.  You’ll be thankful you still have your wits about you when you come across that ‘perfect’ beer you never had before!

We look forward to seeing everyone at events throughout the year, so be sure stop by the Big Dog’s Brewing Company tent and say Hi!

Upcoming Festivals & Events

  • Sat 3/9: Brew’s Best Beer Festival at Lake Las Vegas (BrewsBest.com)

  • Fri 4/5: UNLV Rock’n Brew IV at Palms Pool (BrewUNLV.com)

  • Sat 4/13: Big Dog’s Peace, Love, & Hoppyness Beer Festival at The Draft House (peacelovehoppyness.com)

  • Sat 4/27: Great Vegas Festival of Beer at Sunset Park (GreatVegasBeer.com)

  • Sat 5/4: Lee’s 6th Annual Beer Experience at LVH Hotel & Casino (LeesLiquorLV.com)