Building a Better DOGtoberfest...


dogtober_mugChanges You Will Notice at This Weekend’s DOGtoberfest!

This weekend’s DOGtoberfest is the 30th time we’ve thrown one of our on-site beer fests since 2010.  While some have been busier than others and some have had some crazy weather, they all pretty much have had the same set up.  Buy your tokens when you arrive in the north part of the front parking lot, then go stand in the beer tent line in the south end of the front parking lot to order your ¼, ½, and full pours of up to 50 different craft beers.   Throw in some live music and raffle giveaways, along with meeting and socializing with your fellow craft beer lovers, standing in the lines has generally been a pleasurable part of the experience.

At our last event in August, the lines were particularly long and many of the choke points that can occur when you have 1000-1500 people hanging out together were exacerbated.  Our goal is for everyone to have a great, laid back time and, unfortunately, many did not have that great time at the last event.  Like what we do after each festival, our team sat down and re-thought where we thought there were choke points and where we thought we could easily improve things.  Many of these changes are being implemented with this weekend’s DOGtoberfest.


Moving the Beer Tent

The traditional placement of the beer tent was at the intersection of the front parking lot and the south parking lot.  The placement allowed for a seating area along Rancho and along the south side of the brewery building.  While this allowed seating areas close to the beer tent, it also was a crowd flow choke point where people traveling to/from the south seating area would have to cut through people in the beer tent line.

The placement of the beer tent is being moved to the Southwest corner of the property, towards the back of the brewery building.  The beer lines will form from Rancho and lead to the new booth location.  The south parking lot seating will no longer be there as that entire area will be set aside for beer lines.  All seating will be set up in the front parking lot area.

The mechanics of ordering will still be the same.  Step right up.  Don’t be shy!  Order by number and pour size.  Pay with tokens.  Prices vary by beer.  Step out of line and allow the next folks to step up and place their order.

In addition, in the past we have restricted sales of ½ and full pours for many of the featured beers based on rarity or alcohol strength.  This has caused some confusion when people come up to the beer line and want to order those larger sizes, only to be told that only ¼ pours are being sold.  To improve the flow, we have decided to limit the number of beers with size restrictions to just a handful and to make every beer available for at least ¼ and ½ pours.

Most of the beers on the DOGtoberfest 2017 beer list are priced at 2 tokens for a ¼ pour, 4 tokens for a ½ pour and 6 tokens for a full pour.  12 beers are priced at 3/6/9.  The remaining are priced at 4 tokens for a ¼ pour and 8 tokens for a ½ pour. 


More Beer Line Staff & Volunteers

We are increasing the number of staff and volunteers working the beer lines.  More beertenders should mean the beer lines move quicker.

Interested in volunteering to work for one of Big Dog's On-Site Beer Fests?  We compensate volunteers with a Deluxe Festival Package which includes 30 tokens, the festival glass, and an event t-shirt.  Volunteers general work the early shift during the event so they can enjoy the later shift as a customer.  If interested, please contact Ceci Moggia (cmoggia@bdhginc.com) at 702-368-3715.


New Location for Music

The stage area is being relocated to the Southeast corner of the property.  This will allow the musicians to perform to both the beer line crows (in the south parking lot) and the seating area (in the front parking lot).  There will be cocktail tables in the area near the stage.

The entertainment schedule for this weekend’s DOGtoberfest:

  • Rein Garcia 3-6 pm
  • Camden West & The 10k 6-9 pm
  • Stoked! (After-Party, 9 pm – Midnight)


Food Booth is Now in a Separate Location

Another choke point has often been the food line at the festivals.  Because the crowd is often big right in front of the beer tent, it was confusing to many about where to get food.  Often people would stand in the beer line thinking they could order food as well.  While we always accommodated people as best as possible, it did slow down the beer line in those instances. With the moving of the beer lines to the far south parking lot, it was decided to move the food to another area.  This will free up to the beertenders to focus solely on keeping the beer line moving as quickly as possible.

The food line will now be near the large Draft House sign in the front parking lot area.  While the festival beer list will not be available in the beer line, we will have some Big Dog’s craft beer choices available from the adjacent Beer trailer (see below).


Introducing the Big Dog’s Beer Trailer

Along with our partners at Southern Glaziers Wine & Spirits, we are setting up a beer trailer near the food booth.  While this trailer will not be pouring from the festival beer list, it will feature five Big Dog’s Signature Brews that will be available with full pint pours for 5 tokens each.  This trailer will allow those that just want a beer to enjoy with their food, aren’t interested in the festival beers, or do not wish to stand in the main beer tent line, to be able to order a tasty, local craft beer. A festival beer glass isn’t even required to enjoy a beer from the beer trailer.  We will also pour these beers into plastic pint cups.

The beers available at the beer trailer for DOGtoberfest include:

  • Las Vegas Craft Lager
  • Tailwagger Hefeweizen
  • Peace, Love & Hoppiness Pale Ale
  • Red Hydrant English-style Brown ale
  • Dirty Dog IPA



Jameson Caskmates Fun Zone & Vegas Strong Fund Raiser

Along with our partners at Jameson Irish Whiskey, we are setting up a “bar games” pavilion in the front parking lot.  This seating area will also feature large bar games like Jenga, Connect Four, and more.  Jameson Whiskey will be on hand giving away Jameson whiskey swag, operating a Big Dog’s & Jameson Caskmates branded photo booth, and serving samples of Jameson Caskmates Whiskey for those donating to the Vegas Strong Cause

At the token sales booth, we will be accepting cash donations to the Vegas Strong/Direct Impact Fund.  For a $5 donation, we will be giving folks a #VegasStrong wrist band and a coupon for a free taster of Jameson Caskmates Whiskey, our “Drinking Buddy” partner for Man’s Best Friend.  Jameson Whiskey will generously match all funds raised for this fund raiser.