Come On, Get Hoppy! Get Your Earlybird Tickets for Peace, Love, & Hoppy-ness and save $$$!


Come On, Get Hoppy!  Get Your Earlybird Tickets for Peace, Love, & Hoppy-ness and save $$$!

PLH17  billboardWe love beer, parties, music, and barbeque. Here at Big Dog’s Brewing Company, not only do we want to make some great beer for all of our Las Vegas neighbors, but we want to enjoy it with all of you. What is more enjoyable than getting together with some friends for some cold beers, well-made barbeque, and live music all day? We don’t think anything can beat that, which is why we are so excited for April 29th. That’s the day Big Dog’s is putting on one of our favorite events, and one of the best celebration of brews, tunes, and food in Las Vegas. It’s almost time for Peace, Love, and Hoppy-ness (PLH) here at Big Dog’s, and we want you to get on board early. We are running a “Get Hoppy” special for our friends and patrons until the last day of March, giving you special pricing for planning ahead! If you’re still on the fence, take a look at some of the benefits our earlybird tickets can give you and why you should spend April 29th with us!


Save Some Cash

We know that you might not be ready to commit to a date with delicious barbeque and pub food, music, and wonderfully hoppy IPA and double IPAs a month and a half away. Wait, you actually aren’t? Oh, well, if that’s the case, just know that buying your ticket now with our earlybird ticket special is the best deal we offer on Ultimate Token Packages tickets for Peace, Love, and Hoppy-ness. We include everything you would get in the deluxe package (meaning 30 drink tokens, a festival glass, t-shirt) plus five tickets for the Big Dog’s prize raffle! This means you have five more chances to win some amazing prizes on top of everything included in the package. You’ll save $15 with the earlybird package, and saving some cash means more beer. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a good deal and an excuse to drink good craft beer at your favorite Las Vegas Brewery?


Treat Yourself

Do you have a birthday coming up? Did you not get exactly what you wanted for Christmas? Did Valentine’s Day make you realize that beer is your one true love? Be honest with yourself, do some quick soul-searching, and you’ll quickly grasp that all of the above are true. You deserve to get yourself something nice, something you really want. The best thing about this gift to self is that it also has a build up and anticipation. It’s not like a box of chocolates, but instead buying an earlybird ticket to PLH will pay off for the next six weeks, rather than the 30 seconds it’ll take you to gobble those truffles. Some swag, a commemorative mug, delicious craft beer, and a day doing exactly what you want. Sounds like you buying your tickets right now, doesn’t it?


Don’t Worry About a Sell-Out

It’s not uncommon for people to stay sitting on the fence about an event until the night before or even the day of. Doing this is playing a dangerous game, as you might be ready to pull the trigger on those tickets, only to find out that the tickets are sold out. Sure, you may be able to find one here or there, but it’s essentially too late.  Now, you’re on the outside of the barriers, watching your friends, family, and grade school teachers enjoying a plate of wonderful barbeque and pairing it with an IPA microbrew you’ve been waiting to try. Rather than risking PLH selling out of tickets, buy the earlybird package and get everything taken care of right away, and know that the last weekend in April will be one of the best of the year!


Big Dog’s Brewing Company is so excited about our Peace, Love, and Hoppy-ness event, and we want to make sure you are there! Take the plunge and get your earlybird tickets now! Not only is it our best price option, but you’ll also find yourself with plans six weeks away that you will constantly be looking forward to. From the live music and stellar barbeque to the great atmosphere and exceptional craft beer, this event has something for everyone in the Las Vegas area.