Get more in your DOGtober festival package


With its free admission and free entertainment (pay as you go for food and drink), Big Dog's four on-site beer festival events are a great value for lovers of craft beer and the developing craft beer scene in the Las Vegas valley.  However, who doesn't want to get the best deal possible?

We keep it simple.  We sell tokens that are worth a $ each that can be redeemed outside at the event and even inside the Draft House that day.  Beers are sold in 1/4 pours, 1/2 pours and Full pours.  The prices vary depending upon such factors as the rarity of the beer or the strength of the alcohol content.  Each pour level has a price with some beers starting as low as 1 token for a quarter pour.  A festival glass is required to enjoy the offerings outside.  The glasses are $5 each.  To keep the process moving along at the beer booth, we actually sell you the tokens ahead of time so the bartenders don't have to worry about dealing with cash.  You can buy your tokens for $1 each and can buy as few as 1 if that's what you want.  We do sell packages that will get you 30 tokens to start off and include a glass for $34, saving you a $1.  We also have Deluxe and Ultimate Packages that include a festival t-shirt and/or raffle tickets.

If you want to the most bang for your buck at DOGtoberfest then all you have to do it simply pre-buy your festival package prior to Midnight on Friday 10/10.  We'll add in a bonus 5 tokens to your festival package!

Also, support Animal Foundation's adoption programs and services by donating a new dog leash or dog toy and we'll add another 5 tokens to your purchased package!

Finally, if you are regular Big Dog's Brewing Compnay visitor , you probably are already carrying around a Big Dog's Reward Card where you earn 1 point for each $ of business you spend in our restarant and bar.  Points accumulate and when you reach 120 points, the 120 points automatically converts into $10 credit that can be used in our restaurant. What you might not know is that you can earn Big Dog's Rewards Card points on your festival purcahses as well if you purchase your packages prior to Midnight on 10/10.  It'll add a big chunk to your points total and get you closer to your next $10 reward tat can be redeemed in our brewpub.