Holier than Cow!


What is Holier Than Cow? 

Blasphemy? Probably. 

Delicious? Always. 

We are excited to announce our "Holier Than Cow" program! "Holier than Cow" is a series of one-off and ever-changing dry hopped kegs of our GABF gold meal-winning Holy Cow! Original Pale Ale. 

But trust us when we tell you that this isn’t your Grandfather’s Holy Cow! It’s not clear or even remotely filtered. It’s not for the purists and it’s too blatantly extravagant for serving outside of the confines of the Draft House. It is however a salute to the hop head in all of us. An ode to the greatest agricultural product of all time... A hoppy elixir for those of us that worship at the shrine of gorgeous fruitiness and chest hair growing bitterness...

So drink up fellow hop heads! The keg will soon die but the dream will always live on!

2/1: NOW ON TAP Big Dogs Draft House:
Holier than Cow 4 Dry Hopped Pale - Citra/Ahtanum