plh17 van png2Peace, Love, and Hoppy-ness is almost here, which means the last weekend in April will give Las Vegas residents the chance to indulge on more barbecue than they know what to do with. It also means that more than 44 beers will be present for your drinking pleasure. As is the event’s namesake, these beers will be hoppy and a shrine to the glory of IPAs and Double IPAs. For some of our newer beer connoisseurs, making the jump from lagers to pilsners or reds might be a stretch if IPAs have never even crossed your radar. Well, if you come to PLH, while not every choice is a HOP BOMB, the list will be full of hops, hops, and more hops! Today, we want to give you a quick overview on just what IPAs and Double IPAs are, the differences, and why one might be better for you as a craft beer aficionado.



India pale ales are a staple in any lineup of taps and craft beer. Dirty Dog IPA is one of our flagship beers and a fan favorite.  You may be wondering, with all the talk of pale ales and beers and India, what exactly is an IPA? Well, as the name suggests, it takes its heritage from a pale ale. In the 1700s, a brewer from London named George Hodgson used his connections with the East India Co. to export his beers. Because of their long voyages, he brewed them with more hops and alcohol to keep them preserved. With the higher alcohol content, hops, and movement through the East India Co., the India Pale Ale was born. Brewed with less concern for balance with malt and more experimental in their use of different hops and earthy flavors, IPAs can be both very hoppy (around 40-70 IBUs) and have a large alcohol content. Because of this, hopheads always reach for the IPA first.   Even within the category, there are different styles such as West Coast, East Coast, English, and Belgian IPA styles.  Big Dog’s Dirty Dog IPA is a great example of a West Coast IPA.


Double IPAs

We currently have a double IPA in our seasonal lineup: the Underbite Double IPA, as well as the War Dog Imperial IPA. On paper, it would make sense that a Double IPA is nothing more than all of the hops and ingredients that make one beer, doubling some of them, and there you have it. But wait, what does that make an Imperial IPA? Is it an IPA or a Double IPA? Doubles and Imperial IPAs are synonymous, so don’t worry about that. When we say a Double IPA, we usually mean that there are more (double) the hops as a traditional IPA, but it also includes far more malt than the single IPA. With that in mind, you are likely to find Double IPAs having higher alcohol content, but not necessarily tasting more bitter due to the balance of malt and hop. 


If you have any more questions about IPAs or Double IPAs, come to Big Dog’s Brewing Company taproom!  Not only do we usually feature 15-20 house made brews, but we also feature a great local and regional brewery guest tap list at all times.  We have plenty of beer styles on tap for you to try and get a taste for what works for you. When you find one you like, grab a growler or some cans and take them home to enjoy on your own time. Also be sure to get your passes for Peace, Love, and Hoppy-ness early. Early bird buyers not only get the best deal available but also get 5 bonus tokens when they buy online.  The more tokens you have before you get to the festival, the more you’ll have to experience great beers (focusing on the IPAs and Double IPAs), delicious barbeque, and awesome live music. We can’t wait to see you!  For more information, please visit www.peacelovehoppyness.com