Play the Big Dog's Bracket Challenge. Win cool prizes!


Big Dog’s is the local title sponsor for the U PICKEM FULL COUR PICKS bracket challenge promotion, in partnership with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Persons that register, log on to the designated website, join the proper contest group, and submit their Round 2 bracket picks anytime between Sunday 3/11/12 (3 pm) and Thursday 3/15/12 (8:45 am) are eligible for the promotion.  The player picks round by round only and will earn points for correct picks throughout the entire NCAA tournament.  Points will accumulate to determine the winner of the promotional prizes.

This is not a gambling promotion.  All that is at stake are promotional prizes.

There are three different promotions in the overall contest: 

  1. National Contest.  Win up to $1,000,000 for picking all 63 games of the tournament correctly. Applies to Rounds 2-7 only; does not apply to Play In/Round 1.  Win $10,000 if you only miss one or two games.  Win $1000 if you only miss 3 games.  Additionally, the highest score winner nationally will win a 32 GB Ipod Touch. All national prizes are provided and paid by U Pick ‘Em.
  2. Las Vegas  market contest.  The five highest scores locally will win Big Dog’s prizes.  Prizes to be announced. 
  3. Big Dog’s Hospitality Group.  The top three scores of our customers who are registered to our special contest group will win a Big Dog’s Gift Card.  (1st Place=$50 plus t-shirt, Second Place=$20 plus t-shirt, Third place=$10 prize card.  In addition, the top scorer from rounds 2 and 3 will win a Big Dog’s Brewing Company t-shirt of their choice.

To play, please visit www.tinyurl.com/bdbrews12