Seasonal Beers for the Spring


As we mentioned in our previous blog, as the seasons change, so too will the beer styles that you crave. In the fall, bright, crisp, and unique flavors are the star when it comes to your choices in microbrews, as well as paying tribute to the German beerfest tradition of Oktoberfest and their märzen style beers in liter-tall beer glasses. The winter brings with it the motivation to stay indoors, avoid the cold, and imbibe the darker draft beers along with those beers that may have a bit too much alcohol for all-day drinking during your backyard barbeques.

When the snow begins to melt but the weather can’t decide which way it wants to go, we’ve arrived in spring. Some days will be warm and lovely, while others may be reminiscent of the holiday season. The spring brings with it a great time for local craft beer as the seasonality allows brewers to experiment across the board while also giving fans of the brewery classics their fill. Today, Big Dog’s will take a look at some of our favorite beer styles for the spring season so you are well-informed about good beer no matter what the groundhog sees or doesn’t see.


Our winter friend just can’t go away! Spring certainly has it’s lovely days, but there will always be the lingering chill in the air. Stouts are great for the spring because of their depth and complexity of flavor, as well as their versatility. They lend themselves to being a great after-dinner drink if you want to skip the hard alcohol, excellent to pair with a hearty meal like the ones the restaurant at Big Dog’s Brewery serves on its pub menu, or good to sip on if you don’t want to throw back more than a few. Also, as is tradition, social drinking runs rampant for a certain day in March, which means all-day happy hours and green beer. Since there is a little something for everyone when it comes to stouts, you can’t go wrong with them even after winter has come and gone, which is what makes our Black Lab Stout a favorite no matter the time of year.


A classic that turned beer on it’s head once developed, pilsners are lighter beers that lend themselves to countless flavor profiles. While we would agree with anyone saying that pilsners are summer beers, you can find uniquely flavored and more fully-bodied pilsners that are great for the spring season. If you are looking for something crisp and refreshing while still getting your fill of unique beer without being bogged down, you can’t go wrong with microbrews like Big Dog’s Dog Pound or Amarillo Boy German Pils.


Red beers are often left behind when it comes to beer popularity. Red ales have a great middle of the road maltiness to them, as well as the right level of toastiness. Reds are versatile because they can be tart or sour hybrids, while some others may be housing a hoppy undertone. Much like browns and ambers, red beers sit on the fence when it comes to an ideal season, so don’t be shy if you choose to enjoy one year round!

Pale Ales

No, we didn’t forget to write the word “Indian” when we wrote this. Similar to their IPA relative, pale ales utilize some hops, but they divert from their more bitter cousins in that they rely far more on malts to get their flavor. More specifically, pale ales are made by brewing with pale malt. The more pale the malt, the lighter and more pale the beer will come out. Pale ales are a great balance of hop and malt, providing a light mouthfeel and being less filling, while lending themselves to wonderful flavors and tastes. Rye pale ales are becoming more and more popular, while traditional pale ales stick to their masterful use of bitterness and toastiness, which makes them great whether the sun is out or some light flurries are spinning outside. If you aren’t familiar with pale ales, Big Dog’s Peace, Love, and Hoppiness is a great first beer to get comfortable with this craft beer style.

Big Dog’s Brewing wants to make sure you are ready and able to drink good, local beer year round. If you want to start exploring some of these beer styles with which you are unfamiliar, eat some high quality, midwestern-inspired brewery food, and play some slot games, stop by our taproom and brewery and see what makes us the best brewery in Las Vegas!