You’d be a ‘Fool’ to Miss this Collaboration Beer

(03/28/2013) Nick Tribulato

You’d be a ‘Fool’ to Miss this Collaboration Beer

A new milestone was set in Nevada brewing history last Friday, as nearby members of the Nevada Craft Brewers Association met at Joseph James Brewing Company to produce the entity’s first collaboration beer!

The Big Dog’s Brewing crew joined Tenaya Creek Brewing, Chicago Brewing, Joseph James Brewing, 777 Brewing, and Pint’s Brewing (Laughlin, NV) for an afternoon of camaraderie, and the goal of producing “Pyrite Extra Pale Ale”, set for release Saturday April 27th at the Great Vegas Festival of Beer.

Just what is the Nevada Craft Brewers Association? Simply put, the principle brewing entities in Southern and Northern Nevada have cast aside any cut-throat business attitude in order to work as one to protect the interests of Nevada craft breweries. Issues regarding taxation, distribution of beer, and building awareness of the growing movement of craft beer in Nevada, for example, will now have a dedicated voice within the local and state legislature.

Representation ain’t cheap, though- so the NCBA is working in tandem with the Great Vegas Festival of Beer to get the public excited about their local breweries!

The “Pyrite Extra Pale Ale”, set for release at the festival and at brew-centric spots throughout Las Vegas, is a hop-forward pale ale brewed with loads of Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo hops, with the different brew houses pitching in with the various ingredients. Unsurprisingly, this collaborative group isn’t shy about packing a flavorful punch, as there’s about 2.5lbs per barrel rounding out this souped-up 6.5% abv pale ale!

Be sure to make it to the newly renovated Sunset Park for the Great Vegas Festival of Beer, stop by the Local Brewer’s Pavilion to chat with the different breweries of the Nevada Craft Brewers Association, and of course snag a taste of this liquid ‘fool’s’ gold! You can tip a few back knowing you’re helping to support your local brewery!


What: Great Vegas Festival of Beer
Where: Sunset Park: 2601 E. Sunset Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
When: Saturday April 27, 2013, 2pm-7pm
Info: GreatVegasBeer.com