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The Awards

Since our beginnings with Holy Cow! Brewing Company, we have accumulated numerous awards, medals and accolades.

Great American Beer Festival

  • Big Dog’s Watch Dog Wit (’09 Silver)
  • Alpha Dog, Imperial or Double Red (’08 Silver)
  • Kilt Sniffer Scotch Ale, Strong Scotch Ale (’06 Gold)
  • Holy Cow! Cream Ale, American Lager/Cream (’01 Silver)
  • Black Lab Stout, Specialty Stout (’96 Bronze)
  • Red Hydrant Ale, English-style Brown, (’94 Bronze, '12 Silver, '15 Gold)
  • Holy Cow! Original Pale Ale, English-style Pale (’93 Gold)
  • Tripel Dog Dare, Belgian-style Tripel ('16 Bronze, '17 Gold)
  • Knotty Dog Barley Wine, Barel-Aged Strong Beer ('19 Gold)
  • Willy Big Dog Barrel-Aged Robust Porter, Professional Collaboration ('19 Bronze)
  • And the Award Gose To..., German-style Sour ('19 Bronze)

World Beer Cup

  • Red Hydrant Ale, English-style Brown (’06 & ‘10 Gold)
  • Holy Cow! Cream Ale, American Cream Ale (’00 Silver)
  • Holy Cow! Pilsner, Bohemian-style Pilsner (’98 Silver)