Big Dog's Brew Lineup

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Signature Brews

While you can enjoy many different styles of Big Dog's Brews around Las Vegas at neighborhood pubs and taverns, Las Vegas Strip restaurants and local retail outlets, the full slate of available Big Dog's Brews can be enjoyed at our brewery at Big Dog's Draft House. While there, enjoy our 8 Signature Brews that are available year round plus 3-10 seasonal & reserve brews at a time.

Leglifter Light

Leglifter Light

Light in color and mild in flavor, this beer is a refreshing alternative to American-style light lagers. A perfect introduction to handcrafted beers! 
APPEARANCE: Light straw in color, with white head.
AROMA: Hint of grain and corn
TASTE: Crisp with light mouthfeel and dry finish
HOPS: German Magnum
ABV: 3.9% Alcohol by Volume
Draft Only @ Brewpub

Tailwagger Wheat

Authentic Bavarian-style Hefeweizen, possessing characteristic banana & clove aromas produced by the unique German yeast. Served with a lemon wedge upon request. 
APPEARANCE: A traditional unfiltered wheat ale, hazy straw in color.
AROMA: Fruity banana aromas are complimented by gentle spicy clove.
TASTE: A smooth and creamy banana flavor is dominant on the palate. This brew develops with hints of spice that compliment this
lightly hopped brew.
MOUTHFEEL: Creamy medium body
HOPS: Magnum
ABV: 4.9% Alcohol by Volume
Draft, 12 oz. Cans

Las Vegas Craft Lager

Las Vegas Craft Lager is a classic American-style lager. Lightly hopped, crisp, and clean; this beer is designed for a town that is always on the go. 
APPEARANCE: Bright golden
AROMA: Light malt aromas meld nicely with just a touch of fresh Liberty hops.
TASTE: A clean, straight-forward American lager. Very balanced hop and malt profile.
MOUTHFEEL: Light bodied, crisp.
HOPS: Magnum, Liberty
ABV: 5.0% Alcohol by Volume
Draft, 12 oz. Cans

Red Hydrant Brown Ale

Our 2006 and 2010 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner (English-style Brown). 2012 GABF Silver Medalist.  A deep mahogany brew, rich with caramel malts and a hint of English hops with notes of toffee and toasted malt. 
APPEARANCE: A bright rich mahogany with a creamy tan head.
AROMA: Caramel malts dominate with hints of toffee and toasted malts and a touch of roasted barley.
TASTE: This English-style brown ale has generous caramel malt flavor and hints of toasted malt along with a very mild hoppiness.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body, with a balanced finish.
HOPS: English Fuggles
ABV: 5.6% Alcohol by Volume
MAJOR AWARDS: World Beer Cup 2006, 2010 Gold Award, Great American Beer Festival 2012 Silver, 2015 Gold
Draft, 12 oz. Cans

Black Lab Stout

Delicious and satisfying anytime of year! A rich, dark ale brewed with nine different malts along with roasted barley, with hints of coffee and cocoa. 
APPEARANCE: Jet black with a frothy head
AROMA: Roasted barley, English hops
TASTE: Dry, chocolatey, roasted malt
MOUTHFEEL: Smooth, creamy
HOPS: English Fuggles
ABV: 6% Alcohol by Volume
Draft (Nitro) Only

Dirty Dog IPA

Dirty Dog IPA is a delicious west coast-style IPA, bursting with Northwest hop flavor and aroma. With just a hint of toasty malt in the finish, you’re sure to be reaching for another sip of this very tasty American IPA.

APPEARANCE: Light amber with a white rocky head.
AROMA: Northwestern hops dominate this brew with hints of pine and citrus in this classic American IPA.
TASTE: Columbus and Summit hops give this brew an earthy hop character that is complimented with a subtle maltiness.  Citrus notes from the addition of Centennial and Cascade hops round out the finish.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body
HOPS: Columbus, Summitt, Centennial, Cascade
ABV: 7.1% Alcohol by Volume

Draft, 16 oz. Cans


Peace, Love & Hoppiness Pale Ale

Peace, Love & Hoppiness Pale Ale is a golden pale ale with notes of tropical and stone fruit from the generous use of Mosaic and Amarillo hops. Now available year-round on draft and in the coolest 12 oz. cans around!
AROMA: The generous dry hopping on this brew gives hints of stone and tropical fruits, complimented by a light malt aroma.
BODY: Medium
HOPS: Warrior, Columbus, Amarillo, Centennial, and Mosaic
ABV: 6.0% Alcohol by Volume
Draft, 12 oz. Cans
Underbite IPA Tap

Underbite Double IPA

Hop dominant West Coast IPA! Is there malt in this beer? This a bitter beer!  The Chinook hops are the superstar of this IPA; complimented by a fair amount of Amarillo and Citra. The beer has a very dry finish that makes you want to take another sip until the glass is empty.
AROMA: Spice, citrus and pine
BODY: Medium-light
HOPS: Warrior, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra, Chinook, Chinook and more Chinook!
ABV: 8.7% Alcohol by Volume
Draft, 12 oz. Cans

Seasonal & Reserve Brews

We like to experiment with many different styles of beers.  Most of our creations can be enjoyed almost exclusively at the brewpub, with only a limited amount of cases and kegs being released for special accounts in Nevada and Arizona.  Many come around regularly and others only show up once every few years.

Big Dog's 38 Special

War Dog Imperial IPA "Unleashed"

This is our bold Imperial IPA, made for lovers of the hop. We enlist Simecoe, Warrior, Citra, and Amarillo hops to create this wonderfully bitter and aromatic brew. With the strength and courage of a War Dog, this brew does not back down. This brew is dedicated to the War Dogs that serve alongside our brave troops. 
APPEARANCE: Golden amber with a creamy off-white head.
AROMA: The generous dry hopping on this brew gives hints of pine and tropical fruit, complimented by a light malt aroma.
TASTE: Undertones of piney hops give a crisp bitterness that is complimented by the smooth body. Notable tropical notes keep this hop-forward beer approachable. The pleasant bitter finish leaves you craving your next sip.
BODY: Medium
HOPS: Simcoe, Warrior, Citra, Amarillo
ABV: 8.3% Alcohol by Volume
AVAILABLE: Fall/Winter
Draft, 12 oz. Cans (Coming Soon)
Rollin Smoke Tap

Rollin' Smoke Amber

Rollin’ Smoke Amber is a malt-forward Amber beer we made with our friends from Rollin’ Smoke BBQ. While delicious when paired with
almost anything, as you can imagine it is a delicious companion to a great, smoked bbq meal. Brewed with malt that was smoked at our
brewery with peach wood, the smoke flavor and aroma shine through along with hints of caramel.
AROMA: Smoked peach wood
TASTE: Smokiness, hints of caramel
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body
HOPS: Fuggles
ABV: 5.01% Alcohol by Volume
Draft Only
Lake Mead Monster Tap

Lake Mead Monster

Limited release, perfect for cold winter days and nights. The malt comes through on this beer with caramel, toffee and a roasted flavor with some alcohol to warm you up. Predominantly hopped with Centennial, provides balance for this big beer.
APPEARANCE: Reddish brown
AROMA: Malt, caramel with slight floral aroma
BODY: Medium
HOPS: Centennial, Columbus
ABV: 10.1% Alcohol by Volume
AVAILABLE: Winter/Spring
Draft, 22 oz. Bomber Bottles
Watch Dog Tap

Watch Dog Tangerine Wit

Watch Dog Tangerine Wit is our twist on a traditional Belgian Wit beer. The addition of fresh tangerine takes this already refreshing style to a whole new level.
APPEARANCE: A hazy unfiltered Wit, pale yellow in color, with a rich creamy head.
AROMA: Fresh tangerine, coriander, and wheat
TASTE: Refreshing tangerine and light wheat. Crisp and dry with a slightly tart finish.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium-light body, exceptionally smooth with a light creaminess from the unmalted wheat
HOPS: Magnum
ABV: 5.0% Alcohol by Volume
AVAILABLE: Spring/Summer,
Tripel Dog Dare Tap

Tripel Dog Dare Belgian-style Tripel

Tripel Dog Dare is brewed as a Belgian Style Tripel. We used traditional specialty imported hops and barley to replicate this iconic Belgian beer.  The beer will pour golden and crisp and will have a collection of aromas, including citrus, banana, and spice.  You will notice a clean and floral hop character, along with an assertive bitterness. Our Tripel will have a medium-light mouthfeel and will have a touch of sweetness.

APPEARANCE: Golden in color
AROMA: Citrus, banana, clove, pepper, floral
TASTE: Fruity, spice, grain, touch of swwetness and bitterness 
MOUTHFEEL: Medium-light, crisp, balanced
HOPS: German noble hops
ABV: 8.8% Alcohol by Volume

AVAILABLE: Limited Availability
Draft, 22 oz. Bottles

seDATEd Tap

"seDATEd" Belgian-style Quad

Big Dog’s is pleased to bring you “seDATEd,” our latest Brewmaster’s Special brew. Available in 22 oz. bomber bottles and
on draft, this brew is a Belgian-style Quad brewed with locally sourced dates from Death Valley’s China Ranch Date Farm.
APPEARANCE: Dark Amber with light brown head
AROMA: Fruit characters including dates, raisins, plum, and fig
TASTE: Hints of brown sugar, caramel, and molasses
MOUTHFEEL: Medium full mouth-feel with some sweetness upfront that diminishes in the finish.
HOPS: Liberty
ABV: 9.5% Alcohol by Volume
AVAILABLE: Limited Availability
Draft, 22 oz. Bottles
Sled Dog Temp Tap

Sled Dog Imperial Stout

This Imperial Stout has been aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels to create the perfect combination of roasted characters from the malt
and sweet notes found in bourbon.
APPEARANCE: Black with a creamy white head
AROMA & TASTE: Hints of raisin and caramel that balance the bittersweet coffee notes
MOUTHFEEL: Full bodied, creamy and smooth
HOPS: Warrior, Centennial, Columbus
ABV: 9.1% Alcohol by Volume
AVAILABLE: Limited Availability, Nevada, Arizona
Draft (Nitro)