We pride ourselves on delivering the best experience to all our Big Dog’s family members in a safe environment. In this time of evolving news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to assure you that we remain committed to your health and safety. To that end, we are monitoring and following the public health recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding COVID-19, as well as local and state health departments in order to help ensure we maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone who interacts with us at Big Dog’s.

As we transition to welcoming you back to our partially reopened facilities, we want to reassure you that we adhere to strict cleanliness and sanitization guidelines and procedures in our restaurant. Among many other procedures, our employees routinely and frequently clean and sanitize commonly touched surfaces, including countertops, booths, chairs, door handles and bathrooms.

IHere are Some Details:

Indoor dining tables are limited to the tables surrounding the bar and the middle “Dedication Room.”  Some indoor tables will be marked as unavailable to enforce social distancing requirements.  Seating is limited to parties of 5 or less.  The rear Dining Barn will remain closed until further notice.  Bar area seating is for guests 21+ only.  Dedication Room & Patio seating is open for all ages.  Be aware that child appropriate dining is currently limited to approximately 3 indoor tables and 6 patio tables (which are first come, first served). Be sure to call ahead to join the waitlist for indoor dining tables at 702-645-1404.

Bar seating is for gaming customers only,  Smoking is allowed only at the bar.  Tables are available for up to 2 Hours except during music events on the patio.  Be sure to call ahead to join the waitlist at 702-645-1404 during operator hours (11 am - 8 pm daily).  Staff will be wearing face coverings and practicing enhanced cleaning and sanitization throughout the facility.

Patio tables are first come, first served.  Except for a few circumstances, we are not reserving tables on the patio.  Patio tables do not have the same social distance requirements, but many of the cleaning procedures will be in place.  Cleaned and sanitized tables will be marked as available.  Please check in with the hostess when you arrive.

Indoor dining tables, chairs and slot machines are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected between uses.  Please do not sit at a table that isn’t marked as sanitized.  Please see the hostess for seating.  Other high contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day.

We are reopening with a limited (but still great) menu that will be available during all operating hours.  If you don’t see a favorite item, ask your server.  It may be something we might be able to make.

Curbside Pickup will still be available daily between 11 am - 8 pm.  Place your order online for a contactless experience at  Some items are only available if ordered onsite, including specials and promotions.

A true contactless payment system is available for interested customers.  Simply point your cell phone camera at the QR code printed on your bill and your phone will automatically redirect to a secure website for you to make your payment (including any desired gratuity).  

We also are available through Grubhub and Postmates.  Some items are not offered through the delivery services, including specials and promotions.  Also, be aware that prices are higher through the delivery services. 

The rear dining room will be closed until future phases are announced by Governor Sisolak. In the short-term, there will be limited seating available to guests under 21 years of age, with three tables in the Dedication Room and six tables on the patio.  We have temporarily moved some lower tables from the Dining Room into the bar area to accommodate guests that are unable or uninterested in sitting at the higher tables.  Seating in the Beer Garden and the area surrounding the gaming floor will only be available to guests 21 years or older. 

In the meantime, the rear dining area is being refreshed and remodeled while we are operating under dining room restrictions. We expect the rear dining area to reopen in July.

We are limiting your exposure to surfaces touched by others, including providing condiments like ketchup and mustard on request in a side dish instead of having community bottles on the table.

While we will be serving you on our plates and with our silverware (cleaned and sanitized between uses), we will gladly serve you with our disposable to-go containers and with plastic silverware, upon your request.

While we offer refills on your soft drinks, we will not refill your actual glass. Instead, we will provide a new glass for each

Growlers will be sold with new glass only via curbside. However, growlers can be refilled if you bring the growler inside and see the bartender on duty.  We will clean and sanitize your growler before filling; please be patient as this takes a few minutes.

We can’t wait to see you again.  Please be patient with all of the extra steps involved so we can serve you properly.