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The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation was founded to honor a wonderful man, Patrick Kelley. Pat loved children and they loved him. He felt very strongly that children should have goals they could work towards. He felt this built character and gave them the tools to become responsible and successful adults.

The Foundation has tried to mirror Patrick's beliefs by offering incentives, which produce desirable results. Through participating Clark County schools and the Greater Las Vegas After School All-Stars children are given parameters and guidelines for the upcoming quarter. When these goals are achieved, the children receive positive recognition and feedback. We have provided such children with over 2050 new bicycles.

The Foundation sponsors The Patrick Kelley Scholarship program to ensure that deserving young adults have an avenue to pursue their dreams. To date we have donated over $250,000 for college scholarships to deserving children. PKYF also makes donations to non-profit sports teams. We feel that through sports, children can learn life long lessons.


It is the Patrick Kelly Youth Foundation's goal to help under-privileged children through the Las Vegas valley. We provide incentives to children who have achieved their goals. Common goals that PKYF sets for individual children are good grades, citizenship and school attendance. Children who meet these goals receive a new bicycle and helmet. It is our goal to touch at least 300 elementary students in 2016. In addition to rewarding the elementary children, we want to fund at least (2) $20,000 scholarships for deserving high school seniors.

Along with education, we feel sports provide a great outlet and help teach time management. The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation help fund children's traveling teams. The 501 (c)(3) team has helped many who cannot afford to travel but the Foundation feels these activities help to develop skills, self-confidence, sportsmanship and competitiveness. We hope to give (5) $1,000 donations to different Las Vegas area teams.

In the future we plan to become involved in children's art and/or literacy programs. Thanks to all of you who have donated, we are growing and providing for worthy causes.