What to Expect @ the P.L.H. Festival!

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The Peace, Love & Hoppiness Festival pays homage to hop-forward beers and bold BBQ flavors. We feature bold IPAs and Double IPAs from around the country and gear this festival towards our loyal hop hounds.

As with our previous beer and music festivals, admission is absolutely free to come out and enjoy an evening of great music. If you wish to enjoy the food and beverage offered outside, you will purchase tickets from our sales tent and use those tickets throughout the event to purchase half pours and full pints of the more than 35+ different beers as well as your choice of one of our delicious BBQ Sandwich platters. Prices will vary by item.


So first things first: Step up and get your tickets from our Tickets & Merchandise sales booth.
You will find this tent along the front parking lot of Big Dog's Draft House


While admission to the event is free, there is a cost to partake in the festival food and beverage menu. All beers are served in half-glass portions. Most beers are also available in full-glass portions. Each beer will be individually priced according to a printed menu that will be provided on the day of the event. Each pour will be priced with the number of tickets necessary. The Big Dog’s ticket system is used for purchasing festival items. Tickets are valued at $3 each and must be purchased prior to the event or from the Big Dog’s sales booth on the day of the event.  We will be pouring beers in 16 oz. Big Dog's plastic beer glasses. We will provide you a clean cup with each pour.


We encourage festival goers to purchase one of our packages to minimize sales booth lines and make the most of the festival day experience. In addition, each package saves the purchaser money vs. buying each of the items individually. Packages are available online (through 10 am on 4/16/22) and onsite.

Our "Ultimate" Package has everything you need to enjoy the event and then some extras to help remember the event! Package includes 10 tasting tickets, a commemorative t-shirt, five raffle tickets, and a special valuable coupon at Big Dog's Draft House. Just $57. Save $7 with Early Bird Pricing through April 1st..

Our "Deluxe" Package includes 10 tasting tickets and five raffle tickets. Just $37. Save $ with Early Bird Pricing through April 1st.

Our "Tasting Tickets" Package includes the 10 tasting tickets which can be redeemed for festival food & beverage offerings. $30. Save $ with Early Bird pricing through April 1st. Festival tickets are not refundable and expire at the end of the event. They may be used inside for purchasing food and beverage items from Big Dog's Draft House on the day of the event and are valued at $3 each.


Our beer fests are set up a little differently than the typical all-you-can-drink event.  Our brewery team puts a lot of effort into developing a killer list for each event, focusing on only independent craft breweries.  Well, occasionally we will throw on a choice from one of our craft beer brethren that have grown up to be owned by a bigger (but not too big!) brewery but rest assured that choice is only made for a really special offering. The beer list will usually follow the theme for the event depending on the season, but there will always be a wide variety of styles to choose from.  

You'll always find around 10 special Big Dog's offerings, including new releases, special one-of-a-kind creations, collaborations, and selections from our cellar!  Also, you'll also find at least 10-15 bad ass beers from the Nevada brewing community.  Finally, the list is rounded out with choices from regional and international breweries.

In addition, we also operate a secondary beer trailer near the food that features five of our siganture beers that are available throughout Nevada on a  year-round basis.  This is where you will find our Las Vegas Craft Lager, Tailwagger Hefeweizen, Red Hydrant English Brown, Dirty Dog IPA, and Underbite DIPA!

We will give you a printed menu with each beer listed by number.  Once you have your tickets in your hand, you'll step right up to our beer tent concession, and order your beer by number from one of our 10-15 beertenders and whether you want a half pour or full pour.  Super simple. Enjoy that beer and repeat the process for another choice (or more of the same!)

If that isn't enogh, your tickets are worth $3 each and can be redeemed inside our brewpub where you will find up to 35 more choices!


Chef Serg and his team love to come up with delicious platters that pair perfectly with the seasonal beer list.  For the Peace Love & Hoppiness Fest, they come up with these really tasty BBQ Sandwich platters. These sandwiches are sold at a special food tent next to the Siganture Brew Trailer.  You can use your drink tickets, pay cash or use your credit card!


Music has ALWAYS been a big part of the Big Dog's Brewing Company DNA.  We support local musicians throughout the year, especially during our patio season where we feature live music by local artists at least two times a week.  For our festivals, music is an obvious key component.  You can't miss the large stage structure that we put up to showcase the bands.  Partnering up with our friends at Las Vegas Music & Events, the sound is dialed in and our artists know how to put on a SHOW!  


We have almost as much fun coming up with fun swag ideas as we do coming up with fun beer names and labels!  When buying your festival packges, our "Ultimate" package includes our very cool "Come On, Get Hoppy" tshirt design featuring our big fluffy dog Max driving the Peace, Love & Hoppiness van!  You might remember Max from our 2020 release "Can I Pet that Dawg?" Hazy IPA.  He's all grown up and driving to beer fests apparently!


Big Dog's Brewing Company is a proud sponsor of X107.5's "Beer for Breakfast" programming.  Be sure to check out their weekly tasting and reviews of new craft beers that are now available in the local market,  Mahoney will be broadcasting LIVE from this year's Peace, Love & Hoppiness Fest!


Jameson Irish Whiskey is a proud supporter of local breweries throughout the world, including Big Dog's!  We've even partnered up over the years to create a special series of beers aged in Jameson barrels that we like to call "Man's Best Friend!"  For our festival, the Jameson folks sell shots of their famous Irish Whiskey and buyers receive a raffle ticket for our Swag Raffle that raises funds to benefit our featured charity!


Peace, Love & Hoppiness - both our year-round siganture brew and our annual spring festival - have always been about celebrating PEACE through having a great beer and a great time.  Our logos evoke a time with hippies, tie-dye shirts, and cruising around in our old VW Van! We are excited to welcome the Las Vegas VW Enthusiasts to this year's PLH FEST as they bring out their classics for a mini car show!  Super casual and fun.  Stop by and say hi to them and check out the loves (car-wise) of their lives!


Local artist Pretty Done is joining us in the early hours of this year's Peace, Love & Hoppiness Fest.  He'll be creating his "doodle" posters and along with our friends at NuWorld Graphics offering special tshirts, hats, and duffle bags printed right onsite!  Think of it as performance art with a take home benefit!  Support this talented local artist that you can find his work all over the Las Vegas Valley!   


We are excited to welcome our friends at Weird Water who are sponsoring free waters for our PLH guests.  Stay hydrated, friends!  Also please support Weird Water when you see their cans of water and flavored teas in local retail stores!


The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation holds a special place in the hearts of us at Big Dog's.  Named after a long time friend who passed away in the prime of his life over 20 years ago but lived his life with more fun and passion for living than the rest of us combined, the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation has developed into an incredible local charity that supports local youth through scholarships and atheletic programs.  We are proud supporter and hope you will become one as well.  Festival tickets packages and raffles benefit the foundation.  Learn more about their great work at www.pkyf.org.


Our fun raffles are always a highlight of the on-site Big Dog's Festivals!  Chock full of great swag from Big Dog's and our other participating breweries, tickets and gift cards, local art, and more!  The grand prize is always a great big screen tv that you can take home and remember the fun had at Peace, Love & Hoppiness everytime you turn on the TV!  Raffles benefit the featured chairty.