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(Why You Should) Watch the Game at your local Brew Pub...


Watching Football is Better at the Brew Pub

Sports have a magical ability to bring people together. Have you ever seen someone else rocking your team colors or your favorite player’s jersey and suddenly felt the need to high-five that complete stranger? That organic camaraderie is ingrained in us as sports fans, which makes a team win that much sweeter when shared with like-minded folks. Here at Big Dog’s Brewing Company, we are proud Packers fans. Our midwestern approach to food and drink, combined with the Yellow and Green, makes our brewery feel like home for Packers fans in the Las Vegas area. We think it’s more fun to watch a football game, or any sporting event, with a group of like-minded fans. Here are some things that make the bar the best place to spend your Sundays.

Dressing Up is Okay

Go into any old bar or restaurant and you might see the occasional jersey, a couple of hats, and the occasional foam finger. It can be intimidating to go all-out for your team when you aren’t attending the game and instead are going to sit in a booth and half-heartedly cheering when your team scores. When you walk into Big Dog’s on a Packers’ gameday, you’ll see cheeseheads galore, green and gold jerseys across the bar, and some folks who will go all-out and paint themselves to support the Pack! There is no shame in showing your full blown love and support for Green Bay here at Big Dog’s.

Wisconsin Feeling without the Cold

Sure, standing out in the freezing Lambeau weather is an experience unique to Green Bay fans, not to mention the potential for a Lambeau Leap if you are sitting in the endzone. However, the howling winds and freezing rain can get old extremely quickly when watching a game. Imagine having the feeling of being in Green Bay without braving the elements. Our menu is the epitome of hearty food. Wisconsin cheese curds, brats, and beer during a Packers game - it doesn’t get much better. We can’t forget to mention the friendly and welcoming atmosphere our staff provides. In a brewery where everyone is your friend, you’ll feel right at home cheering for the Pack with us.

Imagine Paying the Right Price for a Game Day Beer

We all know the stomach-dropping feeling of going to the stadium and seeing the price of a beer. It’s almost as though the stadium knows you’re thirsty and wants to exploit you through your wallet. Instead, imagine no line at halftime but a friendly bartender who knows you by name. Imagine, rather than drinking a boring big box beer, you can drink your favorite red ale or IPA and enjoy it while yelling during a scoring drive. Take a second and envision paying a reasonable price for a pint, rather than $12 for a beer that you will more-than-likely spill on your way back to your seat. The best part of this dream is that it can be a reality on game day at Big Dog’s.

Big Dog’s Brewing Company is proud to support all of you Packer fans in Las Vegas. Stop by and sign up for our Packer Backers program and join us for the rest of the season!