packer reservations 2021

A limited number of premium tables are available for reservation in advance. All other tables are first come, first served on Packer Game Days.  Get a reservation for the key matchups while reservations are available! Click HERE to reserve your Packer Game Day table.

Tables can be reserved in advance with a $100 Minimum Table Tab. Choose Your Table from the Listed available tables.  Tables will be available for 30 mins before until 30 mins after game. Table must be claimed at least 15 minutes before scheduled Kick Off.

  1. A limited amount of tables (aproximately 10 of the 45+ available tables) may be reserved in advance for Packer gamedays via the company’s Eventbrite pages for each game. Table reservations require a minimum $100 tab that is purchased at the time of the reservation. 
  2. All other tables will be available on a first come, first served basis. 
  3. Tables can be reserved by Packer Club members and non-Packer Club members alike. The entire season will be made available in advance of the season beginning. Customers are encouraged to reserve their tables for desired games in advance. The reservations system will close at Midnight the day prior to the scheduled game.
  4. Customers will choose from one of ten possible tables when making the reservation. 
  5. Gameday table reservations are good from 30 minutes before the game until 30 minutes after the game. There is no need to arrive early and “camp out” for a table. Reserved tables will be kept ready for your arrival. However, your table must be seated at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled kick off. Your table will be forfeited and made available to customers who are on a wait list, if applicable.
  6. Reserving a table through the online system is the only guaranteed method of securing a table for a game. Any tables not reserved through the system or not claimed prior to 15 minutes before kickoff will be made available to walk-in customers. 
  7. Upon checking in, customers are given a $100 gift card for the table, to be used towards the tab for the game. If, for some reason, the tab does not equal $100, any unused balance will carry over for future use in the restaurant. Unused money will remain for future use, but a new $100 tab reservation must be made for each table, each week.
  8. If, some reason, a customer does not show up to claim their reserved table and it is forfeited fifteen minutes prior to kick off, the customer will still receive a $100 gift card for a future visit.
  9. If the winner of the Packer Fan of the Week has already secured a reservation for the game, we will refund the customer their reservation fee and make the reserved table available for reservations by others.
  10. Gift cards and rewards balances are not eligible for table reservations. Reservation payment must be made through the company’s Eventbrite page using major debit/credit cards.
  11. Except as specifically stated, there will be no refunds of reservation fees.

Individual Game Day Reservations

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Schedule is subject to change by the NFL.