National Restaurant Association Employee Relief Fund


The National Restaurant Association has a Restaurant Employee Relief Fund to help restaurant industry employees experiencing hardship during the Covid-19. Including decrease in wages or loss of employment. You can click on the like https://rerf.us/ or type it in your browser.

They had an overwhelming response so please make sure to read through everything. They are taking their site down till Monday. They are asking people to come back Monday, April 6th for an update and to apply.

There are a lot of companies offering help but it is really hard to get. If you see anything that I can share with everyone please send Ceci an email *cmoggia@bdhginc.com) so she can spread the word.

Here are some other links if they pertain to you please sign up.

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program - https://www.usbgfoundation.org/beap

If you do not qualify for unemployment - https://www.benefits.gov/ Nevada Unemployment - http://www.ui.nv.gov/css.html