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5 Craft Beers to Finish Your Summer Off

It's that time of the year again in Vegas.

Fall is slowly approaching, and yet summer just doesn’t wanna give. Let’s be honest – this leaves us feeling grossly sticky and just plain parched. In this bittersweet season, there’s a few brews perfect for sipping on to finish off this scorching summer with and jump into fall with a bang.

Checkout these 5 refreshingly delicious beers to make this transition as painless as possible:

Cherry Lime Saison

With a 5.5% ABV, this Farmhouse Ale / Saison is wonderfully dry and tart, but not quite as puckery as a sour beer.

Almost as refreshing as beer gets, she’s super fun with a light body and higher carbonation.

Brimming with spicy fruit elements, cherry, and lime, she’s one for the books when it comes to summertime beers to beat the heat.

This Might Be the Beer for You If:

You’ve secretly wished that tart candy came in liquid form and with alcohol in it.

Mango Dog Daze

With a 6.8% ABV, this New England Hazy IPA is brewed with Eclipse and Galaxy hops, which give her fruity notes that really pop, making her burst with citrus and other tropical notes.

She’s also unfiltered, which makes her cloudy and gives her an even bigger punch of mouth-watering aromas and flavors .

Super juicy, she goes down so smoothly because she’s less bitter than other IPAs.

This Might Be the Beer for You If:

You’re confused about which direction to go in for a beer, and maybe this juicy mix of hoppy and fruity is just about perfect for you.


SeDated Belgian Quad with Dates

With a 9.5% ABV, this Belgian Quadrupel is not for the faint of heart.

She’s smooth, light on the hoppiness, and has a lighter body for a strong ale. While you might fall head over heels for her subtle sweetness and hints of malty flavors, including some caramel notes, pepperiness, and breadiness – don’t let her fool you.

She’s a sneaky one. She’s stronger than you think and will catch up to you if you try to enjoy more than a few (let’s be real, or sometimes even one).

This Might Be the Beer for You If:

You’re craving a really strong beer that gives you a little oomph, but don’t want one that you have to chew on it.

Coffee Sled Dog Imperial Stout


With a 10% ABV, she’s no joke. A full bodied Double / Imperial Stout made with coffee from a local Vegas coffee chain, Sambalatte – she’s dark, strong, and robust.

Although she’s got an abundance of complex aromas and flavor going on, she’s low on the bitterness and is deliciously smooth and rich.

You might experience notes of oak, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and bourbon that go wonderfully with the coffee side of her.

This Might Be the Beer for You If:

You’re stressed and have the end of summer or back to school blues and need your pain eased with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a punch of caffeine.

Watch Dog Tangerine Wit


Watch Dog Tangerine Wit

With a 5.5% ABV, this Belgian Witbier is like drinking a tangerine cloud, if that’s your thing.

She’s unfiltered, which gives her a cloudy appearance and makes her extra flavor-packed.

Light, refreshing, and brimming with notes of spice and citrus, she’s the perfect beer to cool down from any hot, muggy, and just plain icky day.

This Might Be the Beer for You If:

You’ve always dreamed of drinking a tangerine cloud of wonderfulness.


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