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American Craft Beer Week!

American Craft Beer Week

A week that’s worthy of many raised beer glasses, American Craft Beer Week is right around the corner on May 15th – May 21st!

We’re stoked and for the entire week we’re discounting $1 off of every Big Dog’s Brewing Co beer that you buy when you’re wearing a Big Dog’s Brewing Co t-shirt! 

Don’t own any Big Dog’s t-shirts to claim your discounted brews?

Never fear!

All week long our t-shirts and craft beer cooler cans (for those who want to keep on partying at home) are 20% off!

We’re in party mode all week long here at the Draft House because this is both a momentous and mouthwatering week for our craft beer community.

Read on for more about why we’re celebrating this cheers-worthy week. 

What’s American Craft Beer Week and Why in Beer’s Name Does It Matter?

American Craft Beer Week came about when the Brewers Association started it in 2006. 

It’s an entire week centered around celebrating and supporting what craft breweries and independent brewers in America do every day — providing us with beautiful beer magic that warms the soul. 

This awesome occasion takes place during the second week of every May, so that we can savor these glorious local brews and cheers to everything that these breweries have accomplished.

Not only do they bring us invigorating beers with mind-blowing flavors that revive us on hot days, warm us on cold nights, and uplift us in bleak times, but they also bring beer-loving peeps together.

People from all walks of life gather at these breweries to experience a sense of community and camaraderie — coming together to interact with one another over a pint.

On top of that, these breweries employ thousands of employees and often support local businesses by using local ingredients. Through supporting their delicious beers, we often end up giving back to the community and supporting local causes and businesses. 

Craft beer breweries provide neighbors, friends, and families a place to laugh and bond as they experience one-of-a-kind flavors and high quality ingredients.

Everything in the craft brewery world is made with love, and you can almost always taste that in every sip of a superb (and sometimes weird) craft beer. 

Go Out and Drink This Week!

Let’s be honest — craft breweries and mico-breweries are up against a lot of big competitors.

American Craft Beer Week is to show extra support for the local and little guys.

This week is about helping them make a mark and leave a long-lasting imprint in this world. 

What better way to do that than going out and supporting your local breweries and letting them know they’re loved?

Yes, we’d love to see you here this week!

However, this week isn’t just about us — it’s about ALL the local breweries!

So whatever you do this week, please show up, #drinklocal, and support breweries that you want to stick around.

Can’t go drinking this week?

No sweat!

Buy some swag or a gift card at your favorite spot, or tag breweries online and tell others how awesome they are!

Every action makes an impact when it comes to spreading local love.