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Brewer's Collection 2023



Join us in the Big Dog's Tap Room for a VERY SPECIAL Special Event!

Located @ Draft House Barn and Casino (4543 North Rancho Drive)

Thursday, November 30, 2023 **5-7 pm**

We are excited to bring you the final piece of our 30th anniversary celebration with the release of our “Brewers Collection Series 2023.” This special release of four distinct special brews in one drop is unprecedented in our history. Each of our brewers sat down and mapped out their own all-new recipe, brewed their baby all by themselves, and worked with local artist David Yett to craft a classic comic book-inspired graphics package.

This is their beer, passion, and personal tastes, packaged and shared with you in a unique four-way release!

Introducing The Beers!

West Coast is the Best Coast – at least in the mind of Dave Pascual. This beer uses classic American hops along with several imported varieties, including Nectaron, Riwaka, and Galaxy for late and dry hopping additions, providing some pine and juicy characters of grapefruit, passionfruit, peach, and a touch of lemon to this brew. A special yeast strain helps accentuate the hop profiles, provides a clean back drop for the hops to shine, and aids in the dry finish, all typical of the best West Coast-Style IPA’s.

6.5% ABV

Look, no one plans for a bad day, let alone one that could prove catastrophic. Still, a contingency plan helps... even if it's because Earth has been invaded by Extraterrestrial banjo cats... Have a pint! Made with English Golden Promise, caramel, Biscuit and Honey malts, and bittered with East Kent Golding hops, this beer is meant to be both classic and refreshing. Notes of Honey, fresh bread, stone fruit/citrus marmalade, and a little nuttiness, to take the edge off your impending doom. Whether you're popping into the pub to kill some time, or adventuring through time and space, this is the proper pint for the occasion!

5.3% ABV

Dogzilla is a refreshing and crisp lager brewed with pilsner malts, rice, and German hops. It has a light golden color with a pillowy head, a smooth and balanced flavor, and a subtle citrus/floral aroma. Dogzilla is the perfect beer for any occasion, whether you are relaxing at home, enjoying sushi with friends, or watching a giant monster movie.

5.2% ABV

“Sun Hound” is an American version of a traditional Bohemian Pilsner it was brewed to emulate the original style born in Plzen, Czechoslovakia. Sun Hound uses authentic Pilsner floor malt from the Czech Republic in this classic beer. Light in color, our Pilsner is malty, crisp, and pungently hopped with kazbek and sterling to impart a rich aroma with a subtle bitterness to the finish. 

5.0% ABV

The Tap Party!

We are hosting a special tap release event on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30th from 5-7 pm in the Big Dog’s Tap Room!  Come join us as we celebrate this special collection of beers. Just $10 (plus tax) gets you:

  • Sampler featuring all 4 beers
  • Q & A with each Brewer as we taste through the collection!
  • Meet the Artist David Yett, creator of these cool can designs.
  • Presentation of “Brewers Collection” commemorative gift to the Big Dog’s brew team
  • 30% off appetizers & merchandise (including hoodies)
  • $10 Brewers Collection 4-Packs! Your choice: Specific Beer or Mixed Pack
  • Free “Comic Book” Poster per Brewers Collection package purchases. While supplies last!

The Art Inspiration!

My family loooove's Halloween so I selected to do that classic horror film theme with can artist David Yett.  Working with him, I could have gone with quirky things that represent me within the art, but all of it circled back to my family life.  So, I decided to implement a lot of my life outside of my brewing career.  My daughter is the specter holding a lantern, which ironically represents the light of our lives, for both me and my wife.  You will see my three rescued pets, Barley, Bingo, and Ella (appearing left to right), which David was even able to capture one of my dog's incessant licking.  My wife, who has a great sense of humor, is represented by the zombie arm reaching for a cold glowing brew I left out for her.  Her tombstone reads an altered, but very fitting marriage expression.  I also chose to play off words when I selected the beer's name.  Nec-Romantic came about as it worked as a combination of fitting with the horror theme in speaking with the dead, but also comically showing how special our marriage is.   As for me, the attire I'm wearing represents my work life.  Hat turned backwards, wearing Weyermann's red overalls, and wearing a GABF medal are several things put in a nutshell that represent me and how much fun I am having in my brewing career.

-Dave Pascual

Since it's a Japanese lager I decided to go for a Manga/anime theme. The spiky blonde hair in the artwork is based on a Japanese anime called Dragon Ball Z that has its characters power up by going super Saiyan to fight. We thought the play on Godzilla with Dogzilla would be a fun Japanese trope to play with. The barley bombs shooting toward dogzilla are a nod to the old Joseph James logo.

-Jamie Roberts

This artwork was inspired by my love of beer, as well as my love of sci-fi and film in general, my passion for music and, above all mentioned, my cat. His name is Seven and can be seen here playing my Deering plectrum banjo. The dog is a Scottish terrier that we decided to add solely based on the idea that there should be at least one dog involved (apologies to my lovely wife and our two rabbits!)  I picked a Scotty because it's a British dog on a British beer, as well as a slight nod to part of my heritage.  

-Marshall Lytle

The car in the picture was my first car when I was 16...the dog is Baylee who has been with us for as long as I have been brewing...the space theme is a play on an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to one or both sides of the Sun called Sun dogs...

-Sam McKinney

Meet The Artist

yett IMG_20231129_081847

David Yett is a local cartoonist and bartender in Las Vegas. You might have seen his work at the Sand Dollar Lounge on band and anniversary posters, at Golden Tiki on their specialty canned cocktails, or with Campari and the USBG for event promotions.

David has been a friend of the brewery for many years. His artwork has already graced several bottle label and can designs (Wonder Dog, Kilt Sniffer, Cloudy with a Chance of Fleury), the chalkboards of the Big Dog’s brewpub, several t-shirts and merchandise items, as well as the entire 25th Anniversary Collection from 2018. 

For this project, David worked directly with each brewer to develop their ideas for each of the designs for the special edition brews that make up the Brewers Collection. The back and forth of coming up with these designs started in the fall of 2022. "I'm a huge comic book dork" says David, "So when I heard about this project, my mind was already racing with ideas. Then I met the brewers and realized their imaginations had already taken off too! It made for some great prompts a really fun project!"