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Seasonal Brew Spotlight: Can I Pet that Daawg???

Can I Pet That Daawg?: A Profusely Pillowy Hazy IPA

At 7% ABV, Can I Pet That Daawg? is a splendid springtime brew — a revitalizing hazy-style IPA crafted with several delicious domestic and imported malts and grains, including barley, oats, rye, and wheat. 

The Cascade, Simcoe, and Zappa hops in this beer jam-pack it with juicy and fruity hop character, imparting a refreshingly smooth and lightly bitter finish. 

A cloudy yellow beer, its soft body and aromas of tropical fruit, pungent, mango, passionfruit, mint, and pine will captivate your taste buds. 

A Beer in a League of Its Own

Hazy IPAs are beer lovers’ dreams incarnate — succulent beers low in bitterness and brimming with tropical fruitiness. 

One of the most bizarre things about hazy IPAs is that they’re filled with fruity notes but don’t actually contain any fruit. Rather, they impart all of those divine characteristics from the hops used to brew them. 

They’re drawn from the hops in the beer thanks to dry hopping — meaning the hops are introduced to the beer later in the process and in the fermentation tanks. Because of this, that punch of flavors and aromas is extracted at full force. 

The beauty of it is that while that extra fruitiness is showcased in hazy IPAs, that extra hoppy bitterness isn’t — making them divinely drinkable and remarkably refreshing. 

One Juicy Beast of a Beer

Hazy IPAs are renowned for being magnificently hazy and lush. 

A huge factor that imparts their full-bodiedness to them is the type of malt used to brew them. They’re usually made with a high-protein malt, like oat and wheat, which gives them their delightful distinctive haziness. 

Another factor that plays a huge role in their cloudiness is that the yeast strains in the beer stay suspended and don’t readily flocculate (or sink to the bottom) of the beer when it’s brewed. 

These enchanting brews are continuing to take the beer scene by a storm with their one-of-a-kind properties (and we’re 100% on board)! 

Hazy IPAs Versus West Coast IPAs

The hazy IPA, aka New England IPA, is the cool kid on the block in the beer world because it’s far more drinkable and easily downed than its cousin, the West Coast IPA. 

The hazy IPA differs from the West Coast IPA not only because of the method and malt used to brew it, but also because of how the hops are uniquely implemented in each style. 

The West Coast IPA possesses that piney bitterness that so many hop hounds long for — a style where hoppy bitterness is used far more aggressively. 

However, the hazy IPA caters to the craft beer crowd that’s looking for a far less hoppy brew — one with a fuller juicy body that’s loaded with exotic flavors, surprising fruitiness, and a balancing hint of bitterness. 

Best Big Dog’s Bar Bites for Beer Pairing

Like most IPAs, this hazy baby is phenomenal with anything that’s:

✔️Crunchy — Velvety beer takes crunch to another level

✔️Greasy — Do we need to say more?

✔️Spicy — Your mouth doesn’t stay on fire

✔️Charred meats — Pairs perfectly with the fruity juiciness

✔️Caramelized vegetables — Pairs perfectly with a punch of citrus and tropical notes

A few fave hazy IPA pairing items at the Draft House:

  • Doghouse Nachos (crunchy, greasy, AND spicy)
  • Grandma’s Pot Roast (don’t forget the garlic mashers)
  • Baby Back Ribs Basket (slow roasted and glazed with a tangy BBQ sauce)
  • 4-Cheese Artichoke Dip (alongside tortilla chips, garlic bread, and fresh veggies)

Get the full food rundown here

If You Want to Pet That Daawg

You can find Can I Pet That Daawg? Hazy IPA on draft at our Big Dog’s Draft House on N. Rancho and at select accounts throughout the Silver State in 16 oz. cans around town, for a limited time only!

Even better, swing by the Draft House and have a cold one in our new beer bar taproom! 

If you’re more of an outside beer drinker, chill on our patio and join us for karaoke under the stars, live music, and our geeky pub quiz! You can find more info here

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