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Seasonal Brew Spotlight: War Dog Imperial IPA


It's bold, it's beautifully bitter, and it's back!

Our seasonal 8.7% War Dog Imperial IPA that’s specifically crafted to win over your hop-loving hearts is now on tap, and is the perfect brew if you’re on the hunt for an IPA with some oomph. 

Golden clear with a frothy white head, this balanced West coast style IPA is a combo of assertive hoppyness meets goes-down-almost-too-easy deliciousness, hitting you with its hop profile upfront and finishing smooth and dry.

The Simcoe, Warrior, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops used to brew it give you a brilliantly bitter and amazingly aromatic beer that smells and tastes of citrus, fruit, and clean malt — making it tantalizingly addictive and difficult to have just one.

Dedicated to the strong and courageous war dogs that serve alongside our brave troops, this daring beer takes after its name. 

Imperial IPAs — Flavor-Packed Favorites of Beer Lovers

Imperial (or also known as Double) IPAs vary in each and every way — that’s the beauty of them. It all depends on each brewer’s individual recipes, interpretations, and twists. As a result, double IPAs can resemble everything from barleywines to pale ales.

Really, there are no secret rules about what makes an IPAs doubles, but there are so-called guidelines about these wondrous brews and what makes them so sensational in the beer world. 

In general, they’re golden and amber colored beers that have higher alcohol content, as well as extra hops and malt added in when brewed that give them their lovable and easy-to-drink qualities. 

Double IPAs are also usually dry hopped — meaning their hops are introduced into them later in the brewing process (usually in the fermentation tanks). This results in beer with tons of flavors and aromas, without pulling out extra bitterness from the hops.

The Low-Down: IPAs vs Double IPAs

Double IPAs, aka Imperial IPAs, are pretty much “regular” IPAs that are superheroes — they’re stronger, bolder, and, in general, contain more layers of hops and malt.

Overall, the difference between IPAs and imperial/double IPAs comes primarily down to their alcohol content. An IPA will usually be below 7% ABV, and a double IPA usually has an ABV of 7-10%, which also means that double IPAs usually take about twice as long to brew.

Many double IPAs have the juicy goodness of a lower ABV IPA, without overpowering hoppy flavors.The extra hops added into them doesn’t necessarily mean they’re extra bitter or that they taste extra strong, but rather these additional ingredients change the bitterness and flavors of the beer in spectacular ways!

Pair This Tasty Brew With Flavors That Have Backbone

Because of the remarkable amount of double IPAs variations, it can be difficult to pinpoint what exact food flavors complement each one! 

For the War Dog Double IPA, because it’s full of strong bitter and hoppy flavors, we recommend pairing this baby with foods with foods with bold flavors so that this strong beer doesn’t overpower whatever you’re eating. Whether you choose something super savory, spicy, or greasy, it works wonders when it comes to cleansing your palate in between bites. 

It’s AMAZINGLY refreshing with foods like tacos, burgers, barbeque, strong cheese (like sharp cheddars and blue cheeses) and, ofcourse, greasy bar food! 

For you spice lovers especially, double IPAs ensure that you can keep eating those hot wings without suffering that dreaded burn buildup.

Beer Experiments = The Best

The double IPA came about from what brewers here in the United States do best — putting a spin on something old and creating something new. 

Brewers started experimenting with West Coast IPAs in the 20th century when craft beer became all the rave here. When Lagunitas switched things up in the 90s and featured a dry and hoppy IPA brewed with American hops, they got other breweries thinking about how to make it even bigger and bolder. 

This led to the invention of the first double IPA, which is said to have been first brewed by Vinnie Cilurzo. He ramped up the style in 1994 when he was the brewer at Blind Pig in Temecula, California and who now owns and brews at Russian River Brewing Company.

Since Cilurzo brewed the American beauty known as the double IPA, it’s steadily won the hearts of beer drinkers everywhere. 

Get Your War Dog On

We just released our War Dog Double IPA again, and it’s now on draft at our Big Dog’s Draft House on N. Rancho and in 16 oz. cans at select accounts throughout the Silver State!

You already know that life’s short, so don’t settle for anything less than the best beer.