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Seasonal Spotlight: “Cool as a Cucumber” Cucumber Lime Lager

Cool as a Cucumber: Cucumber Lime Lager — A Superb Summer Liftoff!

At 4.3% ABV, Cool as a Cucumber is our cucumber lime lager that’s the perfect invigorating Vegas summer brew to revitalize you and quench your thirst on the most scorching of days.

This is one of our customer favorites, and the base for this beer is our award-winning Las Vegas Craft Lager that won a bronze medal award in 2022 at the Great American Beer Festival! 

On top of that, for those of you who’ve visited SerVehZah (another super solid local spot), they’ve used this beer in their delicious micheladas before!

Cool as a Cucumber is a doggone delicious and drinkable brew. Showcasing Magnum and Hallertau hops, it’s light and clean, with a beautiful slight haze and aromas of cucumber, citrus, and malt. 

An American craft lager infused with fresh cucumbers and limes, it’s brimming with a refreshing slight tartness that gives you that extra oomph. 

Clean, Crisp, and Highly Carbonated Crowd-Pleasers

While American craft lagers might not be what a craft beer lover usually reaches for first, they’re delightfully drinkable beers!

Ranging from straw to gold colors, these bitterless brews have little hop and malt character — perfect for those wanting a beer that won’t nip them in the butt! It’s hard to have only one, but their low ABV makes them non-sneaky summer sippers. 

Like Cool as a Cucumber, these bubbly beers are so fun to experiment with and try because so many of them are infused with unique flavors and notes — giving brewers endless versatile options to play around with!

Usually filtered and unhazy, they’re the ideal beer for new craft beer drinkers or those needing a thirst-quencher that won’t sit heavy in them in this heat.

Pair With Practically Anything

Cool as a Cucumber, like almost all American lagers, isn’t picky when it comes to food!

American lagers are very low in flavor and aroma, and this one’s slight perky tartness won’t overpower anything you pair it with.

Here’s a few drool-worthy Draft House favorites they’re magnificent with:

  • Twice Baked Cajun Wings (neutralizes the burn of spicy food)
  • Bavarian Soft Pretzel (super with salty food)
  • Wisconsin Cheese Curds (a game-changer with greasy bar food)
  • Build Your Own Big Dog’s Pizza (the perfect pizza beer that doesn’t make you overly full)

Check out our copious amounts of cucumber lime lager-worthy food here!

(And find out how to get delivery or curbside pick up here!)(link blog)

The Origins

Lagers emerged in Germany in the mid-1800s, and these refreshing brews quickly spread like wildfire across Europe. These clear and crisp beers were a refreshing change from their go-to beers back then — much heavier ales.

They welcomed these golden and easily downed beers and loved the variety they offered and that their lager yeast strains didn’t impart fruity flavors (like ales’ yeast strains). 

Not only do lagers not have fruity yeast strains, but they’re created using bottom-fermenting yeast — meaning the yeast sinks to the bottom of the tank when the fermentation process is finished (versus ale’s yeast which floats on the top of the fermentation tank). 

Although they take more time and effort to brew because of their need to ferment longer and for months in cold temperatures, that didn’t stop the Germans from falling in love with this beer. 

The name “lager” actually originates from “lageren” — the German word that means “to store”, and its popularity soon spread further than Europe. 

The American Twist

In the 19th century, Americans loved European beers, and ofcourse they fell in love with lagers as well. However, because the barley didn’t thrive in America, they often imported beer from Europe.

Because importing from Europe was an expensive pain, Americans put their own twist on lagers by using ingredients like corn, squash, rice, wheat and rye to replace the malt from Europe. 

They struggled to nail it down until German immigrants in America took a swing at brewing. When they imparted their brewing knowledge with these ingredients, beer magic happened, making the American style lager sensationally delicious. 

A demand and craving for light beers quickly shot across America, until Prohibition paused it for 13 years. After that, the Great Depression and then World War II’s grain restrictions caused Americans to focus on producing primarily lighter beers (although they were not the same quality for quite some time). 

Nowadays, even though micro craft breweries have been steadily growing since the 20th century, Americans still revel in their light lagers and have refined the style further. 

They’re still skyrocketing here as more and more craft breweries continue to add them to their menus and create their own unique spins on these light and lovable brews.

Stay Cool as a Cucumber Around Town

We finally decided to put our cucumber lime lager in cans!

You can now find Cool as a Cucumber on draft at our Big Dog’s Draft House on N. Rancho and at select accounts throughout the Silver State in 16 oz. cans around town!

For those of you wanting to chill at the Draft House, this is a wonderful go-to for our patio here! 

Check out all of our patio events here, including live music, trivia, and more (and don’t forget to bring your dogs)!