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Seasonal Spotlight: My Nect & Maibock

My Nect and Maibock: A 30th Anniversary Collaboration Brew!

“My Nect and Maibock” is our second specialty brew that’s been crafted in honor of our brewery’s 30th anniversary (and our pub/restaurant’s 35th)!

We’re beyond excited to release this fun and yet traditional collaboration with our partners from 595 Craft Kitchen! This delicious and tasty brew comes in around 6.’595’% ABV.  See what we did there?

When brainstorming what to create for this collaboration, we both brought up doing the same style — a Maibock!  Mainbock is a fantastic style that’s rarer to come by nowadays, “My Nect and Maibock” contains traditional imported German malts, a water profile, and a traditional Bock yeast strain.

We also threw in a newer hop called Nectaron for a scrumptious spin, which adds delightful tropical and citrus notes of pineapple, peach, grapefruit, and passionfruit! 

A clear light golden beer with a slightly dry malt profile and balanced hop bitterness and flavor, this toasty beer is a real taste bud tantalizer with its irresistible aromas of malt and fruit. 

Sips of Spring

Maibocks, aka Helles Bocks, are a rustic style of beer and renowned as the ultimate spring beers. 

Specifically crafted to celebrate springtime, they’re sensational, stronger (usually between 6 and 7% ABV), and malty Bavarian lagers. They symbolize the delightful time of year where we emerge from winter and once again enjoy and embrace all things outdoors! 

“Mai” means “May” in German, and, just as their name implies, Maibocks are made to be drunk in May during the Bavarian springs. They’re created to embody and relish the elements of this season where everything comes to life. 

They’re commonly referred to as “heller bocks” as well, which translates to “pale bocks”. Much lighter than other styles of bock beer, they’re known as being beautifully clear and pale beers that are known for having a tad bit more hop bitterness and flavor than winter bocks. 

These revitalizing beers are commonly intertwined with notes of floral and crisp hoppiness, as well as a brilliant balance of both delicately sweet and malty — oftentimes resembling honey and earthy flavors. 

Oftentimes resembling the smell of baked bread, Maibocks weave together the aromas of maltiness and floral notes — the perfect beer for a season where the world flourishes and blooms. 

Most Mouthwatering Munchies With Maibocks

This rejuvenating beer is heavenly with just about anything, but here’s game-changing food pairings that play up its slight sweetness and clean hoppiness:

✔️Meat and bread 

✔️Spicy and fatty dishes 

✔️Ham and swiss (yep, that’s right)

✔️Charcuterie boards (perfect springtime party food)

✔️White chocolate cheesecake (this creamy sweet treat is amazing with it)

Big Dog’s bites to pair it with:

🐶Big Dog’s Cheeseboard

🐶Bavarian Soft Pretzel

🐶Grilled Hot Pastrami

🐶Twice Baked Cajun Wings 

Check out our full menu here

A Short and Sweet Origin Story

While Maibock’s origin story is a little uncertain, one popular theory is that it came about in 17th century Germany — when royal families were hankering for more from their beers than they got from their German ales. 

They wanted maltier (more delicious) and stronger (can you blame them?). 

To satiate their cravings, a German brewery called Hofbräu crafted a beer that was inspired by a brewer named Einbeck, but with their own spin on it. 

And, ta-da! This sensational spinoff was a style that they named “Maibock”  — a delightfully different style made specifically at the end of April and to be enjoyed in May, just in time for everything thriving again in the Bavarian spring. 

So that’s how a revolutionary beer, one that symbolizes spring in liquid form, came about. 

While popular in Germany, Maibocks are harder to find in the U.S. — so be sure to get in on this one while you can!

Where and When to Snag This Captivating Collaboration

The countdown is on — My Nect and Maibock will be showcased on Saturday, April 22nd at our annual Peace, Love & Hoppiness Beerfest!

This one’s for all you hop hounds wanting to get in on 45+ craft beers brimming with hop-forward flavors (and succulent bold bbq). 

Find out how to get early bird tickets for the doggone best springtime craft beer, bbq, and music fest of the year here (link blog)!

After this beer fest, you’ll be able to find My Nect and Maibock in cans at our Big Dog’s Draft House on N. Rancho and on draft at select accounts throughout the Silver State, for a limited time only (so hop to it)!