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Signature Brew Spotlight: Peace, Love & Hoppiness West Coast-style Pale Ale

peace, love & hoppiness: A BEER THAT WILL MAKE YOU SMILE!

Come On, Get Hoppy!

With an ABV of 6.0%, Peace, Love & Hoppiness is an American pale ale that’s a beer for the books   that is if you’re into toasty golden ales that give you that perfect balance between hops and maltiness. 


With tropical fruit notes from Mosaic and Amarillo hops, every sip is a burst of liquid malty deliciousness (a mouthwatering maltiness that makes you feel like you’re drinking an airy and light loaf of bread, pretty much).  If you love flavorful beers with some spunk, here’s why American pale ales are so delicious and how to best enjoy them.

American Pale Ale = Magical Brew

American pale ales are best known for their fruity and citrus notes that mesh beautifully with their savory notes of toasted matliness, breadiness, and slight piney hoppiness (hello you fruity bready drink, you marvelous creature).

They come in various shades of golden colors and are the perfect go-to for new beer drinkers looking for that not too hoppy brew. 

With a soft texture and light carbonation that makes them incredibly refreshing, American pale ales don’t have an overpowering flavor and yet each sip leaves your mouth feeling clean and with a hint of deliciously hoppiness.

American pale ales are beloved by so many because they can take on many flavors, and yet they don’t overwhelm the flavors of most food or leave you feeling full and heavy, which makes them one of the most food-friendly beers out there.

Your Food’s Best Friend

American pale ales have English roots, and it was in 1980 that Americans brewed their own unique twist on this crafty lady — forever changing the world of food and beer.


Their English counterpart’s earthy and herbal hops were replaced with bold citrus and pine hops, making a version of a pale ale that’s cleaner, lighter, and so much easier to drink — bursting with flavor but without overpowering hops or heaviness.


The American pale ale is spectacular with light food, but she can also stand on her own two feet when put up against heavier foods, like chili. 


Her simple ingredients help her tease out the flavors of everything from cheeses, fried food, and countless meats to seafood and desserts. 


For lovers of spicy food, she works wonders on your taste buds. The light beer flavor cuts down on the hotness of what you’re eating and cleans your palate in between bites. The sky is your limit when it comes to pairing the American pale ale with meals you love.


Get Your Beer Game on With Peace, Love & Hoppiness

When it comes to what’s important in life, we know one thing for sure — life’s too short to drink bad beer. 

If you’re on the hunt for a tasty American pale ale, you can find our Peace, Love & Hoppiness on draft at our Big Dog’s Draft House on N. Rancho and at select accounts throughout the Silver State in the coolest, hippest, tie-dyed 12 oz. cans around town, year round!  

Coming Soon in 2023: 16 oz. Cans of Peace, Love & Hoppiness!

What came first? The Festival or the Beer?

It’s the age old question….  What came first?  Instead of the question about whether the chicken or the egg came first. in the Big Dog’s world, we are often asked whether the beer or the festival came first?  That’s right.  In addition to having this beautiful, hoppy Peace, Love & Hoppiness available on draft and in cans throughout Nevada, we also have thrown a Peace, Love & Hoppiness Beer Fest each April going back to 2010!  So what’s the answer?  The Beer Fest actually came first!  We had so much fun curating a hop-forward beer event in 2010 and 2011, we actually decided to similarly name our new hop-forward pale ale in 2012.  From that point forward, the PLH Fest is always home to several PLH beer variants such as the always popular Peach, Love & Hoppiness.

What is a West Coast Pale Ale?

Our popular Peace, Love & Hoppiness lives an interesting existence as it straddles the pale ale and IPA categories.  With its ABV near the higher end of the range for American Pale Ales and its hop profile assertive like a West Coast-style  IPA, Peace, Love & Hoppiness is actually like its own category altogether!   No matter what category you think it belongs in, the bottom line is this is a delicious beer to enjoy anytime of the year.

Keep Your Eyes Open for....

Our Peace, Love, and Hoppiness is a key ingredient in one of our popular  “brewhouse blends.”  These beer cocktails combine two or more beers in a single pint.  It’s not for everyone, but these blends are pretty popular when visiting Big Dog’s Draft House.

The “38 Special” – named in honor of Big Dog’s founder Tom “Big Dog” Wiesner who wore the 38 jersey at the University of Wisconsin – is a perfect blend of our Red Hydrant English-style Brown Ale and our Peace, Love & Hoppiness Pale Ale.  Delicious!