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The Opening Day Line Up! On-Site Tap Room Opens with Spectacular Beer List

What’s Better Than Beer Flights in a Beer Bar? check out our spectacular opening day line up for new on-site tap room...

(Hint — nothing)

Our new brewery tap room bar is now open and is slinging a slew of seasonal deliciousness.

Check out more deets on the back beer bar here.

Whether you want to swing by for post-Christmas beer cheer, or you’re running on fumes from all of the holiday madness and leaning more towards the grinchy side of the spectrum, we got you.

Here’s a quick rundown on the brews for our beer flights that you won’t want to miss out on — especially because many of them are here for a limited time!

Beer Me — Choices for Beer Flights of Four

1. Jitterbug — Our mighty Sled Dog with Orange Mocha Frappuccino!
Imperial Stout • 12.4% ABV – Perfect for those sugary coffee drink fanatics (you know who you are)

2. Man’s Best Friend 005 — Imperial Brown aged in Jameson Whiskey barrels
Imperial Brown Ale • 9% ABV – Perfect for lovers of whiskey and also those wanting to grow whiskers

3. Full Maple Donut — Knotty Dog Barleywine with Maple Syrup & Donut!
American Barleywine • 11.3% ABV – Perfect for lovers of the strong stuff and the sweet stuff (so everyone)

4. Resting Beeotch Face — Imperial Blonde Ale with Coffee & Vanilla
Blonde Ale • 11% ABV – Perfect for those with a stank face and who need a little more sweetness

5. Sedated Syrup — Our Sedated Belgian Quad with Date Syrup Aged in Maple Syrup Barrels
Belgian Quadrupel • 10.5% ABV – Perfect for anyone who wants their mind blown

6. Man’s Best Friend 002 — Belgian Dark Strong Ale Aged for Four Months in Jameson Barrels with Love
Belgian Strong Dark Ale • 10% ABV – Perfect for lovers of barrel aged beers with oomph

7. Jack’d Up Pumpkin (2022) — A Holiday Blend of Our Knotty Dog Barleywine & Ol’ Jack Pumpkin Ale
Strong Ale – American • 8.1% ABV – Perfect for lovers of all holiday pumpkin stuffs (and of strong alcohol)

8. Viking’s Bloodhound — Imperial Honey Blonde Ale with Cherry and Hibiscus
Imperial Blonde Ale • 10.8% ABV – Perfect for those wanting something wonderfully sweet, strong, and fruity

9. Cherry Xmas, Ya Filthy Mutt! — Sour Hound with Cherry & Graham Cracker
Sour – Fruited • 3.2% ABV – Perfect for those who can’t choose between puckery candy and graham crackers

10. POM Sour Hound — Sour Hound with Peach, Orange, and Mango
Sour – Fruited • 3.2% ABV – Perfect for those who love the puckery and really fruity candy

11. Ghost Dawg — Cold IPA with Mango & Habanero
Cold IPA • 6.8% ABV – Perfect for those who understand the awesomeness of mixing fruity with spicy

12. Haole At the Moon — Our Tailwagger Wheat with Coconut & Lime
Wheat Beer – Hefeweizen • 4.6% ABV – Perfect for those who can’t get “Put the Lime in the Coconut” out of their heads

13. Pendejo Anejo — Barrel Aged “Margarita” style Gose
Sour – Other Gose • 6% ABV – Perfect for those who (yes, you’ve guessed it) wish they were drinking a margarita and beer hybrid right now

14. Tailwagger Wheat — Our Beloved Unfiltered Wheat Ale
Wheat Beer – Hefeweizen • 4.9% ABV  Signature Brew! – Perfect for those who love them some scrumptious banana, clove and vanilla deliciousness

15. Red Hydrant Brown Ale — The Perfect Comfort Beer
English Brown Ale • 5.6% ABV  Signature Brew! – Perfect for those who want a beer that’s crisp and bursting with flavors of caramel, toasted malts and grains, and toffee

16. Home Means Nevada — Our Seasonal Dank Dog with Sage, Juniper, and Spruce Tips
American IPA • 6.8% ABV – Perfect for those who want to spruce up their beer

17. Dirty Dog IPA — Strong, Hoppy, and Punchy.
American IPA • 7.1% ABV  Signature Brew! – Perfect for those who’ve been searching for a glass of perfectly balanced bitterness, toastiness, and fruitiness

18. Peace, Love & Hoppiness — Perfectly Balanced Malty and Hoppiness
American Pale Ale • 6% ABV  Signature Brew! – Perfect for those who love mouthwatering malty beer

19. Las Vegas Craft Lager — A Classic Go-to
Lager – Pale • 5% ABV  Signature Brew! – Perfect for those who need to be refreshed pronto

20. S’mores Black Lab Stout (Nitro) — Our House Stout with a Little Campfire Good Times Added!
American Stout • 5% ABV -Perfect for those who’d rather drink their s’mores!

The Tap Room beer list will be always changing.  Click here for What’s On Tap Right Now!

We’re Kicking Off 2023 with Beer Awesomeness

Be sure not to miss out on our swiftly approaching annual Winterfest — a festival spreading cheer in the form of hearty stews, soul-warming brews, and live local music on January 28, 2023. Find out more info and how to lock in some tickets here.

Find info on all beer-related happenings on our event calendar.

We can’t wait to see you at the Draft House and our new brewery taproom and to be part of your 2023 memories!