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Violent Violet Double Hazy IPA With Oregon Blueberries Debuts 3/2

Violent Violet Blueberry Double Hazy IPA: A Velvety Flavor Explosion

Big Dog's Teams Up with Oregon's Public Coast Brewing Company to bring back a classic favorite

At 8% ABV, Violent Violet Blueberry Double Hazy IPA is infused with nearly 600 pounds of blueberries and crafted with specialty malts and grains — creating the ultimate berrylicious brew.

Reddish-purple with a pink and purple head, it teases you with aromas of blueberries and its Mosaic hop profile — citrus fruit, spice, rose, and bubblegum.

Refreshing tartness and fruit shine through and go hand in hand with the malts and slight bitterness. On top of this, the oats, wheat, and rye give it a medium mouthfeel and carbonation, accentuating the aromas and acidity.

This collaboration with Public Coast Brewing in Cannon Beach, Oregon uses fresh blueberries from their Public Coast Farms and is a real taste bud temptress that will leave you berry happy.

Four Packs & Draft Available at Big Dog's Starting 3/2, part of the Big Dog's Tap Room Grand Opening celebration

Succulent, Silky, and So Satisfying

Even though hazy IPAs are all the rave right now, double hazy IPAs (in our opinion) are even more magical.

They’re pretty much hazy IPA superheroes — stronger, smoother, irresistible, and with amplified qualities.

There are no rules about what makes IPAs doubles, but there are some guidelines, like higher alcohol and having extra hops and malts added into the brewing process.

Part of the reason that hazy IPAs are skyrocketing in popularity is that they lack that piney bitterness that their cousins, West Coast IPAs, are renowned for. Yet, at the same time they satiate beer lovers’ desire for that distinctive hoppiness.

Their excessive fruity, citrus, tropical, and juicy aromas and notes are partly due to being dry hopped — introducing hops in the beer later in the brewing process, usually in the fermentation tanks. As a result, extra flavors and aromas from the hops are pulled out, without extracting extra bitterness.

On top of that, high-protein malt (like oat and wheat) is used when brewing, giving them that superb full bodiedness.

To add to that, the yeast strains in the brewing beer don’t readily flocculate, meaning they stay suspended in the beer versus sinking to the bottom of it and contribute to its fuller body.

The strangest part of this beer that’s renowned for being fruity and juicy is that it’s not fruit that gives the beer style these fantastically fruity characteristics (unless someone comes up with a twist and throws fruit in, like us!), but rather the hops impart all these fruity aromas and notes to it!

Violent Violet will be available at your favorite local craft beer retailers in early March.

Violet Violet Blueberry Food Pairings

Try pairing this juicy berry brew with salads that have toasted nuts, feta cheese, and fruity or acidic dressings to take your beer pairing to the next level!

Furthermore, spicy dishes and pickled food are out of this world with tart beers.

Here’s a few of our favorite bites at Big Dog’s to pair with this:
Our Raspberry Chicken Salad
Our Caprese Stuffed Portobello (with a tangy balsamic glaze)
Our Twice baked Cajun Wings
Pot Stickers (gotta get in on that spicy cilantro-Thai sauce)

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Grab It Before It’s Gone!

Keep your eyes open! This seasonal beer will be released in March for a limited time.

You’ll be able to find it on draft at our Big Dog’s Draft House on N. Rancho and at select accounts throughout the Silver State in 16 oz. cans around town.

If you’re on the hunt for another delish hazy IPA, checkout our Dog Daze Hazy IPA — our year-round hazy that’s brimming with tropical aromas of sweet fruit, orange, passionfruit, pineapple, peach, raspberry, stone fruit, and hints of sweet berries.  Check out more about this tasty beer (and the origin story of hazy IPAs) by clicking here.

A Collaboration You Can TASTE!

Violent Violet is a collaboration between Big Dog’s Brewing Company and Public Coast Brewing Company from Cannon Beach, Oregon.  This is a partnership that actually goes back to our days at our original Holy Cow! location on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip!  Public Coast owner Ryan Snyder started his career in craft beer working the beer bar at Holy Cow!, sparking a love for craft beer that endures today.  Be sure to check out their website and learn more about their brewing operations by clicking here.

In addition to Public Coast Brewing Company, Public Coast also operates a 40-acre culinary farm nestled at the base of Oregon’s Coastal Range on iconic Sunset Highway 26, just 30 minutes from Portland. Lush with 10 acres of blueberries, fruit orchards, beehives, and hops, the farm is a culinary playground for the chefs and brewers at their Cannon Beach, Oregon sister properties,  the Stephanie Inn and Public Coast Brewing. 

This beer represents the third collaboration brew we have done with the great folks with Public Coast.  One of our previous collaborations – Willy Big Dog! – won a bronze medal at 2019’s Great American Beer Festival.  Previous collaborations include “My Own Best Friend” and “Bee-atches Forever.”

Public Coast fans can look forward to the Oregon version of “Violent Violet” beer debuting later in 2023.