Signature Brew Spotlight: Peace, Love & Hoppiness West Coast-style Pale Ale

peace, love & hoppiness: A BEER THAT WILL MAKE YOU SMILE! Come On, Get Hoppy! With an ABV of 6.0%, Peace, Love & Hoppiness is an American pale ale that’s a beer for the books  —  that is if you’re into toasty golden ales that give you that perfect balance between hops and maltiness.    […]

6 Easy Ways to Cook Tasty BBQ With Craft Beer

6 Easy Ways to Grill With Craft Beer to Make Mouth-Watering Barbecue That’s Packed With Flavor Let’s be real. There’s nothing that compares to grilling in the great outdoors — cold beer in hand and wind in your hair. If you’re into craft beer and delicious barbeque, here’s a few simple ways to step your […]

5 Craft Beers to Finish Your Summer Off

It’s that time of the year again in Vegas. Fall is slowly approaching, and yet summer just doesn’t wanna give. Let’s be honest – this leaves us feeling grossly sticky and just plain parched. In this bittersweet season, there’s a few brews perfect for sipping on to finish off this scorching summer with and jump […]